Saturday, June 26, 2010

Messing around

I love kids.It's school holidays and we had Justin's kids come stay for a week. And because the Braganca's knew their cousins were visiting, naturally, they wanted to come stay over to be with their cousins. It's amazing the bond they have with each other and they only see each other every few months because of the distance. Anyway they saw my things from the game the night before and started goofing around. I'm glad I had my camera handy.

Seryn A.  , Austyn A.   &   Ashley B.

Pulling faces - haha, such clowns..

Turns taking the photo..


  1. I LOVED these post Kerry! It's so great to see some pics of your beautiful nieces but I especially enjoyed seeing Y.O.U again!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY dearest friend! I wish I was there to give you a big hug (feel the vibes through the computer;)
    Glad you had such fun at the Germany game. I presume they won (too bad for Mark:)
    By the way... you need to email me I'm curious about something and I think you know exactly what I'm talking about...

  2. The game looks like so much fun! I am having SERIOUS regrets about not buying tickets :( Soccer isn't really my thing but it looks like I should have made an exception for this ...

    You're looking fantastic :)

  3. Just came to visit your blog because sometimes I miss you.

  4. Hey Kerry

    I thought of you all day Friday - happy birthday, I wish you were still here with us.

  5. Thought of you today. What a special person you are